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III курс. Бакалавры. Семиотика архитектуры. Semiotics of Architecture, Faculty of Arts, III year

The course has been designed for the undergraduate program at the Faculty of Arts at Lomonosov Moscow Sate University. The third year students of all concentrations are supposed to attend it for the whole semester. It gives summery of symbols and signs in architecture and urban environment, urban communications, PR. It takes the students through the historical development of architecture and urban environment in connection with specific politic and economic conditions; and shows the role of historical heritage in modern cities. Analysis of information carries are analyzed, which includes city planning, buildings, décor, parks and gardens, advertisements, malls and airports, museums and universities, transportation, monuments and etc. Toponymy, simuliacra, identities are also discussed  to get better understanding of urban communication systems and their transformations. Moscow is used as main example in connection with other civilizations and cultures.  At the end students present their own projects based on 10 minute long PP presentations.