Ph.D., Culturology (Cultural Studies), Moscow State University, College of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, 2006
M.A., University of Marxism-Leninism, School of Ethics, 1984
M.A., English Studies, Moscow State University of Foreign Languages, 1976
B.A., English Studies, Moscow State University of Foreign Languages, 1974

All-Russia Science Festival, advisor for international affairs, 2012 - Present
The Mikhail Lomonosov Moscow State University, College of Arts, professor, 2011-Present
Project manager and advisor for international academic activities (programs, trainings, joint research, conferences etc.), 1990-Present
Director, State University of New York, Center for Russia and the United States, 1998-2011 (60% of time)
Vice-Rector for Cultural Affairs, Moscow Telecommunication University, 1985-1989
Faculty member, Department of Foreign Languages, Moscow Telecommunication University, 1976-1985

Member of the conference organizers, The Role of Universities in urban Development, Yarolsvl, Russia, sponsored by the Kennan Institute and the Yaroslavl Pedagogical University
Member of the Counseling Board, Fulbright Project on Community Schools Collaboration, 2008
Program manager, Intellectual property rights in Russia: bringing the Western approach to the Russian environment, University of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Judges Conference, 2003-2004
Program manager, Protection of intellectual property rights in Russia, University of Massachusetts, University of Massachusetts, Massachusetts Judges Conference, 2006
Russian coordinator, Danish Meat Board, (conferences, exhibitions), 1997-present
Program manager, Meeting the needs of older people through quality care (training program for community nurses), Age Concern, England, Moscow Red Cross, Sechenov State Medical Academy, University of Brighton, University of Sheffield, Royal Nursing College, 2001-2010
Russian coordinator, GIST, 1997-2001

History of Moscow
Moscow Landscape: Architecture, Museums and Music
The Kremlin and Red Square
The History of Moscow Theaters
The History of Moscow Museums
From noble estates to  Soviet Dachas
Soviet Architecture
PR in urban environment
Semiotics of Architecture and Urban Environment
General History Russian Art and Architecture